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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth on him should not perish,
but have eternal life.                         John 3:16

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 „This is our impasse: over and over again we lose from sight what is important and what is not.”
A wonderful carrier, a new house that you always wanted, a promotion, that car that you were always thinking of, a safe pension, all of these are good - but is this all?
It doesn’t matter how you play the game, or how many points you gather, there comes a time when the game of life will come to an end. What will happen then?
Left on our own, we have a tendency to search earthly possessions, wrongly thinking that they will bring us happiness. But all these possessions belong to God, being loaned to us for an amount of time. In the game of life, even big gains are only temporary. At the end of the game, all pieces go back in the box. There are no more game cards, no more points. There are no promotions, financial planning, nor purchasing’s, or vacation houses. The game is over. You can’t keep anything – unless you played the game for the right prize. Using its humor and narrating talent, the author helps us concentrate on the true goal of the game of life, on the trophies that really are worth winning, being eternal. What can we take with us in God’s kingdom? Only the love that we have for Christ and for each other. There is nothing wrong in being good at playing life’s game here, on earth, though we should not let it stand in the way of what’s really important.
What possessions won here, can you take in the eternal life?

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In a world dominated by doubt, is it possible to believe in the chance of the human being’s regeneration, or can you can you still believe in “being born again”? For all those questioned by this problem, we bring a new collection of songs with the message of “being born again through God”


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